What with both Mother’s Day and Easter on the horizon, there’s certainly no lack of occasion to make and give cards! And you know what they say about handmade gifts (NOT that your cheap but that you took the time to make something personal!!) So today’s DIY is a very simple and chic gift card. And, to give with it, check out these 12 handmade gifts perfect for Mom


You only need 3 things:

  1. A blank card – I got a stack of about 50 of these black cards for £2 at the Exeter Sewing, Stitching & Hobbycrafts show!
  2. Glue – not sure which glue to use? For paper, you don’t need to be too picky- just make sure it’s not too watery so it doesn’t go through the card stock and glue your card together!- but I don’t advise the common craft bloggers favourite E6000 (review here)
  3.  Flat beads or rhinestones


Step 2

Think about the pattern you want- alphabets or simple shapes like hearts and stars are a good place to start. I did mine freehand, so just glue a bead, stick it on till you get the shape you want. If you are worried about freestyling, paste on a piece of paper cut into the shape OR draw the alphabet out on the card, then paste the beads according to the shape/ lines.
Leave to dry.


Ta-dah!! You have as many cards as you want to do. Each only takes like a minute!


Written by Zen


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