How would you describe your style? I think I’m somewhat of a style chameleon, in that I don’t stick to any 1 particular style. (My friends just define it as “sloppy dressing” :P) But if I had to choose 1 type of aesthetic to stick to for the rest of my life, it would definitely be bohemian gypsy wild child type fashion (and interiors!)
And 1 way of re-creating those beautiful boho chick looks seen on Instagram & Pinterest is to layer up on silver jewellery so here’s an easy craft project to make a punk boho meets rock chick necklace.


What you need:

  1. Pendant charm – I’ve used an arrowhead here but you can switch it around- basically you need a dangling bead with a hole at the top.
  2. Around 5 tube beads- use more if you want a more eye catching necklace.
  3. Black thread- I’ve used waxed cotton here



Step 1

Cut a length of black thread, approx 1.5m long-  it’s always better to have more thread than not enough so err on the side of generosity. if it’s too long in the end, we can just snip it off.


Slide on the pendant charm bead so it sits in the middle of the black thread (i.e. it should be at around 0.75m) Tie a knot right above the pendant bead so it stays fixed in the middle


Step 2

Now slide 1 tube bead onto 1 side of the thread. Insert the other thread through the same bead (it goes in where the 1st thread came out, as shown below).
Repeat this till with all your tube beads.


For the last bead, slip the threads in twice to secure the last bead. If you’re worried, you can also tie a knot or add a bit of glue to keep it in place.


One cool silver boho chic necklace is now ready for all the gypsy- wild child fashionistas out there 🙂 For more bohemian fashion tutorials which require no tools, check out this statement necklace project


Written by Zen

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