What does your Mom usually say about your work? My Mom took 1 look at my latest DIY and said “I don’t like it, it looks messy!” Personally, I love my latest interior craft tutorial – it’s decorating my kitchen at the moment!- the black and white looks pretty chic to me, and the texture & tassels create a homely feel 🙂 But to each their own I guess. Nonetheless, I’m still going to share it 🙂 (Plus I’ve already put in a lot of work into developing it! :P) If this isn’t  your thing, here are 17 other easy home decor DIYs for you to check out!


It’s also super easy- if you can braid hair, you can make this tutorial! And since it can do at least 4 things round the home- be a seat pad, trivet, coaster or rug! – it’s definitely worth a go.


What you need

T shirt yarn



Step 1

Cut the T shirt yarn into 1 m lengths to make the seat pad.  Separate them into bunches of 12 strands.

Step 2

Use 1 string to tie a knot around all 12 lengths. Double knot it.

Step 3

Now separate into 3 bunches of material to start braiding. If you don’t know how to braid, you need to learn now! Basically place the left bunch over the middle bunch, then the right bunch over the left bunch (which is now in the middle)- tighten and repeat! (There’s a photo below showing the process)

Step 4

Keep braiding till you are almost at the end then tie a double knot (like the one you tied at the beginning)

Repeat this for the other bunches of 12 materials- the number of bunches depends on how big your seat is- I used 9 bunches.

Step 5

Now line up all the braided bunches next to each other, so they start/ end at approximately the same point.

We’re going to weave them together now. Cut another long length of T shirt yarn in 1 of the same colours you previously used. Take 1 end and pull a little bit though the top loops/ braids of 2 bunches. Tie a double knot and tuck the shorter end into the braid to hide it.

Step 6

I know this tutorial seems like it has a lot of steps, but they’re easy steps! 🙂

Now that we’ve knotted a new length of thread around 2 braids, we want to keep weaving it into the braids of both bunches to keep them together- so basically pull the thread through 1 of the 3 bunches in each braid, pull it though, then repeat with the other braid.

Repeat till you’ve woven all of your braids together. If you run out of thread halfway, just double knot the end, tuck it in and start the exact same weaving process with a new thread- as we’re using the same colours, this all gets hidden into the seat pad and it doesn’t show up.

Watch some TV…. weave some more… and you’ll be done before 1 episode of your fav sitcom is up 🙂 (I’m currently hooked on Korean dramas- just finished Queen of the Ring- how about you?)

To make this into a rug/ trivet/ coaster, just vary the lengths of the yarn and the number of bunches used. So for a rug, you’ll need more bunches- maybe 30 bunches? and slightly longer threads. For a coaster, you’ll need about 3 braids and very short ones too 🙂 Or why not make this easy peasy statement necklace?

What are you waiting for? Get weaving now!

PS left over t shirt yarn? Why not make this easy boho style tassel necklace! Minimal plier work involved.

And if you are a fan of black and white, you’ll love this simple marble phone case DIY!

Written by Zen


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