I’m in love with curtain tassels- they’re such an easy & gorgeous way to add a tassel to your DIY project and, luckily for me, tassels remain huge in 2017. To be honest, I don’t personally care what is on trend (style is timeless right?) but my DIY tutorials audience do seem to appreciate the more “current” craft projects, so I have started paying attention to what’s hot and what’s not 🙂


Here is how I turned a curtain tassel into a gorgeous bookmark and today, we’re going to look at turning a curtain tassel into a boho statement necklace 🙂 A lot of the places that sell these curtain tassels also sell Chinese knots and it’s super easy to turn them into statement lace cuff bracelets.


What you need:

Curtain tie- widely available at haberdasheries and curtain shops!

Metal ring- available from a hardware shop

Silver bead with a large hole/ bore in centre





Step 1

Apply glue liberally to the curtain tassel right above the start of the tassel

Step 2

Slip the metal bead onto the thread followed by the metal ring then quickly slip the thread through the metal bead again. (If you aren’t quick with your hands, use a slower drying glue) Pull tight.

Step 3

Leave to dry then snip off the excess thread sticking out of the bead. Thread a black cord through the metal ring to serve as a necklace!

Lovely modern Asian style necklace. Not got enough of tassels? Make some beaded statement tassel earrings – Oscar de la Renta inspired and takes only 5 minutes!– to match! (Unlike the originals, this cost me less than a fiver.)

Written by Zen

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