Everyone says “don’t judge a book by its cover” but I think most people do. So it’s not enough to send pretty cards, let’s make the envelopes beautiful too! Here are 2 of my card DIYs- a pretty one using rhinestones – and (honestly) a not so pretty one that I made a long time ago. Hey, don’t judge it was one of my early attempts 😛 (Plus I still think it would be nice if you had the right washi time- mine was a freebie that I didn’t really like the pattern of :P)


What you need:

Teardrop shaped stamp pad (readily available at all craft shops

Black stamp pad

Flower stamp

Maybe some rough paper to stamp on?


Note: if you don’t have a tear drop shaped stamp pad, you can still do this! Just cut a potato into the shape of a teardrop and use that as a stamp. You would also need another regular stamp pad in a different colour (not black)



Step 1

Use the teardrop shaped stamp pad and stamp it to form a flower shaped pattern as shown below. 5 petals look the best (I think I ended up using 6)
Leave to dry- this is very important if not your next step will smudge into this step. Also don’t press too hard or you may end up with excess ink on the envelope


Note: the flower doesn’t have to be completely on the envelope. It’s nice to have a mix of whole and incomplete flowers. (Use some scrap paper as a backing if you’re going for the incomplete flower look)


Step 2

Press the flower stamp onto the black stamp pad then stamp it into the middle of the flower you formed in Step 1. Repeat everywhere there is a coloured flower.




Note: the pink flower is an example of how I was too hasty and didn’t wait for the pink ink to dry resulting in a smudgy black centre.


Written by Zen

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