What’s your jewelry style? (Now I sound like 1 of the Instyle or Glamour quizzes you see on Facebook…) I love ALL jewelry- you should see my collection!- but I realise I tend to wear more statement pieces, such as these Oscar de La Renta beaded tassel earrings (which only need 5 minutes to make!) or these 10 statement pieces by my favourite DIY bloggers. I’d love to wear those dainty pieces you see on Instagram but I have a big frame- in fact, 1 of my High School classmates used to call me Big Girl all the time!- and the dainty pieces just don’t show up well on me. So in keeping with my resolution not to go into debt over my craft supplies, the jewelry DIYs I do will be more eye catching, so I can wear them instead of always giving them away! 🙂



What you need

Big chinese knot button (Frog fastening) – grab them from a haberdashery or faithful Amazon

Gold chain




Only Step

Open the last link on the end of the chain and slide one end of the Chinese knot into it then close the link. Repeat with the other end of the chain/ Chinese knot.


How do you wear this necklace? Simply open the Chinese knot button to put it on! (Or have a long enough chain for it to go over your head)



My artist friend, Hoeyyn, kindly wore the necklace I made her to her London exhibition (Talented Art Fair). Isn’t her work amazing? Read all about her journey to opening her own art gallery here 

Written by Zen