I am a serious pack rat. If you ever see my flat, you’ll realise I never throw anything away (hence all my upcycling DIYs! :P) But when I travel, I like to pack light, so I usually don’t bring any accessories. One of my 2017 resolutions, however, is to wear something I’ve made everyday so I started thinking about how to make jewellery that “work harder” so that bringing 1 item means i have 3 or 4 different looks up my sleeve.


Let me know what you think! (And did I mention you don’t need any tools besides a pair of scissors for this?!)


What you need

Black waxed cotton cord

Silver hoop- you can get these from hardware stores or bead shops

Silver tube beads


Step 1

Cut 1 m of the black cord and fold in half. Pull the looped end through the silver hoop. Then pull the 2 (other) ends of the black cord over the silver hoop and through the black looped end. Pull tight to knot around the silver hoop.


Step 2

String 1 silver tube through the black cord, push it to the end. String the other black cord through the opposite end of the same silver tube (i.e. enter from the end which the other black cord exited)


Step 3

Repeat this till the entire length (measured from the end of the hoop) is just slightly shorter than what is needed to go around your wrist.

To end the bracelet, repeat Step 2 twice around the last bead (so pull the black cords through the last silver bead twice)

Do NOT snap the excess black cord off! (You will see why in a bit)


And now you have a bracelet that can be worn 3 ways- including as a necklace!
You can wear it with the silver hoop facing up:


Or with the silver tubes facing up:


Or tie the black cords around your neck to make a long necklace! If you like “hardworking” DIYs, which can be used for more than 1 thing, check out this rug meets seat pad meets trivet meets coaster project or this dog toy meets bracelet meets pillow¬†Alternatively, for earrings to complete the boho meets punk look, try this no tools required DIY

Written by Zen

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