How do you define style? I’ve always thought that true style is timeless, so when I started this blog, I didn’t pay too much attention to trends and what’s fashionable. (Even today, i often post DIYs for designer pieces from a few years ago.) However, I have noticed that “current” posts, such as this yarn wall art & gold paperclip which incorporate the eye motif that is so popular at the moment, are actually among my most popular posts. Since the customer has spoken (and is always right), I’ve started trying to be more on-trend with my DIYs and schedule tutorials accordingly. (Does this count as selling out? I still only create DIYs that I like the look of, so I don’t think so.)


We’re in the thick of festival season now, so here’s another festival fashion DIY for you. The list of things you need looks long, but they are readily available items! 🙂 And this is sooo easy to make!


What you need

Colourful ribbon whose length is equal to your’s wrist’s circumference- I got mine from the lovely Ann of Raphael Crafts in Norwich

Flat round wooden beads

Round blue beads

Crystal rhinestones

Gold chain

2 ribbon holders

2 jump rings

Magnetic clasp




Step 1

Add glue to the back of each rhinestone and stick them on the flat wooden beads. Leave to dry.

Step 2

Place the end of the ribbon within the ribbon clasp, use the pliers to flatten the ribbon holder onto the ribbon. Do this for both ends of the ribbon.


Open the jump ring with the pliers, and slide 1 ribbon holder and 1 end of the magnetic clasp through then close the ring.

Repeat for the other side of the bracelet.


Step 3

Cut 2 lengths of gold chain the length of the ribbon.



Apply glue to the top and bottom length of the ribbon and flatten the gold chain onto the glue.

While letting the glue below the chain dry, add glue to the middle of the ribbon at 0.5 cm intervals. Place the blue beads and the flat wooden beads alternately on these glue dots.

Leave to dry.


Isn’t it pretty? The perfect piece for any bohemian and a great way to add colour to your wardrobe now that spring is here and the sun is out!


Written by Zen

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