What do you think of Stella McCartney? I’ll be totally honest and say I used to think her fame was more due to her background than her talent. However, lately I’ve seen quite a lot of her designs that I really like, so I guess I was wrong. Nonetheless, I still find her brand way overpriced for what it is (and so don’t own anything from it). For example, these earrings are US$415! My DIY costs less than US$4!!



Like the idea of saving money? Other designer inspired DIYs can be found here such as this Dannijo inspired necklace and this Alexander McQueen -esque bracelet.


What you need

2 red beads- if you can, use plastic ones as they’ll be lighter to wear

Gold wire-

2 Gold earring hooks


Glue (Use a fast acting one- this Perfect Deco glue is good but it took a while to work, and I had to hold the earring for a loooooong time…)


Step 1

Cut 2 lengths of gold wire (equal length- about 10 cm each)

Hold the wire with the pliers 0.5-1 cm from the edge and bend it in ninety degrees.

Repeat at the other side.


Step 2

Thread on the earring hoop, then bend the wire into half (at the midpoint).


Step 3

Apply glue to each end of the short wire bits then stick them into the holes of the red bead and hold till dry (or find a clamp).


Repeat to make the other side.




Use your pliers or fingers to shaped the gold wire so it looks more symmetrical (rounded at the top, which should be wider than the bottom), like the Stella McCartney original (shown below):





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Written by Zen