When I told a friend I’d visited Portsmouth, she said ” Why? To visit their designer shopping outlet?” Hahahaha- the thinly veiled reference to my love of shopping is much appreciated. I actually went there for an Etsy Craft Party! (Last year, I bought tickets to 3 parties, each held in a different part of the UK, which I reviewed here) So what else is there for a craftaholic to do in Portsmouth?


Craft shop: Seeded

Seeded is THE most amazing haberdashery! Look, they have deck chairs! And a sheep! Definitely the shop for me!!


I remember walking from the train station, shivering in the rain (and hungry- did you know Lidl has amazing chocolate chip cookies in their bakery?!), down a few dreary looking streets and doubting the wisdom of travelling all the way from London for this Etsy Craft Party. Then I sighted these deck chairs and thought “Oh I LOVE that shop!”, looked up, and realised that’s where the Etsy-ians were meeting! Hooray!!


There were people popping in throughout our session so it really felt like Seeded was the heart of the community. And look, a pom pom wreath! A cross stitch wall art! Seeded is seriously riding the Pinterest/ Instagram trend wave!


A stone’s throw down from Seeded is this very interesting looking vintage shop. I wanted to pop in for a nosy but it was closed.


Where to stay: The Clarence Hotel

A very charming boutique hotel- it wasn’t obvious it was a hotel from the outside, and is in a sort of residential stretch, but is close enough to walk to the town centre and the seafront.

My room was very comfortable and I loved how they had a ton of magazines outside- things close early outside London, so it was nice to have something to read!


A serviceable breakfast- nothing to rave about but good enough



Where to eat: Sant Yago (Tapas)

The food is as good as any I’ve had in London but SO much cheaper! I paid around £15 for my meal which would have cost at least £30 in London (Oh no, I feel my stomach growling now…)  And the ambience was great- I love how pretty the decor was!

Those prawns are SOOO good…

Not crazy about the chicken- they used breast meat which I find tough(er than thigh)- but it was still good


Nice little corner all for me! And how cute is their water bottle? I’m so saving my old whisky/gin/whatnot bottles for this!

What to do

Walk along the seafront!

There’s a ruin in which you can have drinks and listen to music in the courtyard!

Take a ferry to the Isle of Wight!

Erm.. hit the designer outlet? (Joking)


And… try a paper cutting class with Miss Bespoke Papercuts– she makes the most gorgeous fairy tale like designs!!



So what do you think you? Ready to pop over to Portsmouth? 🙂

Written by Zen


Paper Petal

I just love the stunning handmade art and crafts on this page. I have yet to join a Etsy party, are they worth while and if so does anyone know of any close to Portsmouth?


Hi! There is a group in Portsmouth- I attended their Etsy Craft party (and reviewed it on this blog!) 2 years back. Not sure if they are holding it again so best to contact them directly for details 🙂 Here is a link with more info 🙂 http://hapinesswherever.com/2017/02/visiting-3-etsy-craft-parties-brighton-london-portsmouth/
Also, I believe the owner of the haberdashery (featured on this post) is a leader of the Etsy group in Portsmouth 🙂
Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you again soon 🙂


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