This is my month of Anthropologie DIYs so I hope you like the brand! It’s one of my favourites actually- I love its breezy bohemian feel, but sometimes the stuff is a littttttlle overpriced 🙂 Luckily, the jewellery is pretty easy to recreate 🙂
If you like Anthropologie but are not a jewelry fan, try these best Anthro inspired home hacks! For other crystal earrings in a different style, try these Dannijo inspired earrings
This is today’s project:

What you need

Gold beads

Faceted silver seedbeds or small faceted silver crystals

2 large faceted silver crystals – the original uses clear but I only had silver ones 🙂

Tigertail wire (plastic coated stainless steel)- you can’t use thread instead as it won’t hold its shape

4 gold crimps

2 gold earrings hooks


Step 1

Thread a gold crimp followed by 5 silver beads then 1 gold bead.

Now thread on 10 silver beads + 1 gold bead. Repeat this pattern then thread on the large silver bead.

After this we reverse the pattern, so it’s 1 gold bead, 10 silver beads, 1 gold bead, 10 silver beads, 1 gold bead, 5 silver beads and the gold crimp.


Step 2

Thread the ear hook on then double the tiger tail back into the crimp. Flatten the crimp using your pliers.

Now repeat this with the other side of the wire and 1 earring is done!


Repeat Step 1 & 2 with the other components to finish up the other side.



Written by Zen


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