What’s your favourite craft project? I love making everything (well almost) but my favourite projects are those that upcycle ordinary objects, or turn simple beads into gorgeous jewelry pieces. This Anthropologie crystal hoop earrings is one of them! If you love Anthropologie, as I do, here are more Anthropologie hacks for you. And if you like hoop earrings, here are 17 hoop earring tutorials which require no tools or DIY skills to make.


What you need

Shiny seed beads or faceted small beads

Thin wire

Optional – pliers (the wire is soft enough for you to just use your hands)




Step 1

Thread some beads onto the gold wire. Form a circle with the gold wire (approx diameter of 4 cm)- you may want to use a round jar as reference).

Do this a couple of times till you have about 5 circles (of the same diameter), all with some beads on them.



Step 2

Wind 1 end of the wire around all 5 circles a few times, snip off the excess wire and flatten the end against the circle.





Step 3

Hold the other end of the wire, leave about 3 cm on then snip off the excess. Thread on 1 earring hook then wrap the excess wire around all 5 hoops.


Repeat to make the other side!!


What do you think? Does it look like the original?


Written by Zen

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