What’s the weirdest thing you’ve crafted with? I think mine would be old chopsticks- unused of course!!! So far, I’ve made a trivet and a toilet roll holder with chopsticks.  Due to my renewed commitment to blogging (6 times a week, Mon- Sat!), I now have an excess of jewelry to hang up, so I thought, why not an earring stand DIY? No power tools needed!!!


What you need

1.5 pairs of chopsticks (so 3 sticks)- if you don’t have chopsticks, satay sticks would work for this, or you could buy balsam wood at Cass Art or on Amazon


5 minutes



Step 1

Cut two equal lengths of string, both 50 cm long. Place them together so that they start at the same point, then tie a (normal) knot.


Step 2

Measure 7 cm from the knot on both strings and mark it with a pencil. Use that as a guide point to tie a tight knot around 1 end of the chopstick. Repeat with the other end and the other string.


Note: I didn’t glue the string and stick and they held but if you’re worried, you can add a dab of glue.


Step 3

Repeat with the other 2 sticks so that you have 3 sticks parallel to each other.

Now find a place in your flat to hang it up!

Sunglasses DIY in progress- forgive the bald look! Can you tell I’m getting ready for featival season? 🙂 Coachella & Glastonbury, here I come!! 🙂

Written by Zen

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