I am pissed. I have typed the introduction to this post THREE times and every time my Safari freezes before I can update the post! So we’re going to skip the intro and get right to the meat of things. (Are you going whew?!)


What you need

Zipper – they come in many lengths so go for the length that is slightly shorter than the circumference of your wrist (We’ll be ending a clasp and extending chain to make it long enough)


Rhinestone chain


Extending chain

2 ribbon clasps/crimps

2 jump rings



Step 1

Place the end of the zip within the “jaws” of the ribbon clasp and use the pliers to tighten the clasp onto the zip. Repeat with the other end of the zip. 


Step 2

Use the pliers to open the jump ring, slide 1 ribbon crimp on as well as the clasp. Tighten the ring.

Open the other jump ring, slide on the other ribbon crimp and the extending chain. Tighten.


If you’re not a fan of bling, you don’t have to add the rhinestones. But if like me, you like a bit of sparkle, go on to Step 3
Cut 2 lengths of rhinestones that are the same length as the metal part of the zip.

Apply glue above and below the metal part of the zip (in a straight line, parallel to the zip)

Place 1 chain on the glue line above and the other on the glue line below. Press down gently and leave to dry.



So how can this be worn 3 ways?  You can wear it as shown above- with the zip closed, to form an arm cuff.


Or open the zip entirely so it looks like you have 2 bracelets, and are layering it up!

Or why not zip it up halfway?

For other multi tasking DIYs, these earrings can be worn in 2 ways and this necklace turns into 2 bracelets

Written by Zen

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