Statement piece is a much overused phrase. Still, I can’t help but use it to describe this DIY! Every time I’ve worn this ring though, it’s always been a talking point (and gotten compliments!), so if that’s not a statement piece, what is? 🙂
Best of all, it’s super easy to make, and takes less than 5 minutes!


What you need (per ring)

1 large bead cap

6 t shirt yarn strings- the length is up to you, but obviously the longer it is, the more eye-catching!

1 Jump ring

1 ring




If you hate using pliers, here’s a boho necklace DIY which doesn’t need it!

Step 1: make the tassel

Apply glue liberally to the inside of the bead cap- then stuff the ends of the 6 t shirt yarn strings inside. Leave to dry


Step 2

Use your pliers to open the jump ring. Slide 1 ring and 1 tassel on, then use the pliers to close the jump ring.

All ready for a party now!!

Note: I’m making 4 rings hence you see 4 of everything- but you really only need 1 of these rings to stand out!  To be honest, I only really wear more than 1 when it’s a party. If not, the tassels can make a bit too much of a statement 😛


Like this style? Here’s another easy tassel necklace DIY tutorial for you– it uses almost the same materials so you don’t even need to hit the craft store again! 🙂 And for a different style of statement ring, check out this DIY that only uses wire– it was the most popular ring at my Makers & Friends pop-up in Angel Islington last year 🙂

Written by Zen

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