Have you ever made pom poms? Or knitted? If you do, you’ll probably have a TON of leftover bits and bobs of yarn- too small to use again, but when you add it up, it makes quite a big pile. I’m working on a pom pom bag- which I CANT WAIT to share with all of you :)- and in the meantime, have a whole mountain of yarn bits on my worktable which just seems too wasteful to throw away. I was thinking of felting it, but before I did, a brainwave hit me!


Living in a new build, my flat is quite a white box deprived of personality and what better way to liven it up than with some on-trend art? Looking for more than art? Here are 17 other ways you can give your place an upgrade 🙂


Here’s what you need

Leftover yarn


A pencil

Good paper- I used drawing paper

Frame (optional)


Step 1

Draw two half ovals on the paper with pencil- this is to give you a guideline to work with to create the closed eyes. Apply glue along 1 line.



Step 2

Trim your yarns to about the same length and stick them along the line.

Repeat Step 1 & 2 with the other line.


If you like this, you may be interested in my gold eye paperclips DIY– they make your work table so chic! 🙂


PS Why 2 posts today? I’m trying to find a 2nd post to submit to Craftgawker – they’re rejected the rest of my shots for “bad styling”. “bad lighting” etc etc *fingers crossed* 😛

Written by Zen