How crazy do you go when you buy your craft supplies? I’ve recently become obsessed with fabric yarn DIYs- you’ll never guess how many rolls of T shirt yarn I have in my living room now (Go ahead and give me a number 🙂 ) Why is this of interest to you? Well, we’ll be seeing a fabric yarn DIY almost every week till my stash runts out 🙂 Great if you love sustainable fashion/ style, not so great if you’re not a fan of textiles! But on the plus side for everyone, T shirt yarn is sooo accessible. Make it yourself or buy it! And if you have any left over, you can make this piece of eye wall art


What you need

T shirt yarn about 1 m long- i used 15 strands in shade of white, black and gray

Metal chain

2 jump rings




Step 1

Line all the string up then take 1 string and tie a tight knot around the entire bunch.


Step 2

We’re basically braiding it here- if you know how to plait, you get promoted to Step 3!

If not, divide it into 3 (approximately) equal bunches. Place the left bunch(L) over the middle (M), then the right bunch (R) over L. Repeat this, beginning with the new left bunch (the previous M). Plait on till you get the length you want, tie if off like we started in Step 1 and trim off any excess.

Step 3

Weave the chain throughout the braid, Push the braided section so that it is in the middle of the chain.

Use your pliers to open the jump ring, slide on the chain and 1 end of the clasp.

Repeat with the other jump ring and the other end of the chain & clasp.

Now  you have a chunky braided necklace!

If you haven’t gotten enough of braiding, why not try this tutorial that makes a trivet-rug-seat pad- coaster and rug!


Written by Zen