Now before you throw a fit, I’m not saying you should use this ring as your wedding band- I’m just using “wedding band” to describe this simple band ring style 🙂 And NO TOOLS are needed!! I like creating DIYs such as these because they’re so simple! Everybody can find (and work with) wire! You don’t even need pliers!


What you need

Thin wire (I used copper)

A ring mandel to wrap around- or improvise and find something cylindrical in the house that has the same circumference as your finger! 


Step 1

Wrap the wire around the ring mandel/ tube many times. As the wire is so thin, you want it wrapped at least 15 times to form a strong band.


Step 2

Slip the wire off the mandel. Note I have NOT cut the wire off the spool!


Use the shorter end of wire to go inside the band then start wrapping it around the band. Continue until the entire length of wire is wrapped. Make sure to tuck the end of the wire in securely so it doesn’t scratch you!


Now  you have a better idea of how much more wire you need. Based on how much unwrapped band is length, cut off the wire to wrap around. More is always better than less as you can trim it off later! Keep wrapping until you’ve covered the entire band, trim off any excess wire and tuck the end of the wire flat against the band.


Wear and enjoy! Or if you’re a workaholic, make more to stack them up?

Written by Zen


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