I’ve often been told that I shouldn’t buy any accessories since I can DIY them myself. I must confess that I sometimes do, especially if it’s handmade as I like supporting other designer makers (I sometimes wonder if handmade artisans’ customers are each other!) However, when I see designer pieces going at astronomical prices, I definitely prefer DIY-ing and giving it my own personal touch. How about you? What are some of your favourite jewelry brands?
These Lanvin Courtney earrings have been shouting “DIY me” for some time and I’m finally sharing them on the blog. The originals cost $325 (and may no longer be sold in shops) but my version is a sweet £5 and 5 minutes of work!! Not bad, huh?


What you need


Glue- use rhinestone glue so that your crystals don’t get “tarnished”

Ribbon- I used the handle of a shopping bag!!

Pair of earring studs

Optional: fray check


Step 1

Cut the ribbon into 2 10-cm lengths. Apply either glue or fray check to the cut ends to prevent fraying. Add more glue to one end of the ribbon. Fold the ribbon into half and press the two ends together.

Repeat with the other ribbon. Leave to dry


Step 2

Turn the rhinestone over. Apply glue around the rim and press it down in the ribbon.

The pattern is entirely up to you but I chose to glue 3 rhinestones to each ribbon. This si so easy to make, you can make many pairs with different variations in the placement of the rhinestones! (In fact, Lanvin has a whole range of different earrings in this series)

Here are some of them





Leave to dry.


Step 3

After the rhinestones have dried, flip the ribbon over so the rhinestones are on the floor and just the ribbon is facing up. Apply glue to the back of the earring stud and leave to dry on the ribbon.
Repeat with the other side.


Step 4

Team it with jeans and a breezy tee and hit the streets!

Doesn’t it totally look like 1 of the Lanvin earring series?!


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Written by Zen