How often is too often? That’s a question that often stumps bloggers. Personally I find that posting more = more views but I’ve also heard some other bloggers say they don’t like visiting blogs which post every day as it’s a signal to them that the blogger isn’t spending enough quality time on each post. (Personally I find this bizzare- regardless of how often a blogger posts, I think the post should speak for itself wrt how much effort has been put in) What’s your take on this? Anyway to share my blogging schedule, I post 6 times a week, Mon-Sat, but am thinking of cutting back to 5. The Saturday post is usually a DIY x travel post with specific travel suggestions for crafters, and today’s one is on the Urban Makers East Pop-up at Fount London. They are only there till the 7th of May! So you have only 1 week to go catch them there and check out the work of over 30 independent designer makers.



There were lots of interesting things there. Those owl cushions are nice 🙂

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get more close-ups of the products as the shop was really small and there wasn’t much space in the aisles. But I hope you like what you see so far! 🙂

Always been a big fan of Gaby Gassner jewelry, so I was really excited to see her work here. (Full disclosure: she sold with me at my Greenwich Makers & Friends pop-up too and her wooden necklaces were super popular!)


Next to Urban Makers East was the East End Prints pop-up. Hmmm I do need some prints to transform my flat from a soulless white box to something more homely and with more personality… (that cactus print on the bottom right is so on trend!)


With a waffle kiosk, wine shop and coffee kiosk right outside the pop-up, what more could you want? Not to mention, it’s directly opposite Netil Market and a mere 5-10 minutes away from Broadway Market. I’ll definitely be back! 🙂


Full disclosure: Netil Market is small. Like super small. But it’s always good for a browse! 🙂 It’s full of cute shops like the following:


This container housed We Are Arrow, my favourite shop at Netil Market- it had really nice and delicate jewelry!

I’ve long admired Wolf & Moon jewelry so was excited to run into her at the market- had my eye on the earring on the middle right but it was a tad too expensive for me…



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