Anthropologie is 1 of the hottest brands out there, beloved by all DIY-ers such as myself for being an amazing source of inspiration 🙂


Here are some of my favourite Anthro-inspired hacks 🙂 I’ll be trying some of them this weekend- let me know if you have a fave from this list!!!


Glissade drops by Gina Michele


Wire flower necklace

I love how simple this necklace is! Sadly, I didn’t hear back from Riva (the blogger) about whether I could show a photo of the design, so you’ll need to click on the link to see it 🙂


Anthropologie Beaded Tassel Necklace by Chic Steals


$1 Anthro knobs!

I was super intrigued by the $1 hook! I’m a bit concerned about the durability of paper but I guess a good decoupage should make it work! Definitely going to give this DIY a go 🙂


My Anthro Matchstick earrings


Anthro wall organiser hack

This DIY is a little more involved than I like my projects to be but it’s so pretty and perfect for all us craftaholics!


Gina Michele Lace earrings


Anthropologie Roman Earrings DIY


JBH Anthropologie Curu Lemon Posts

I actually prefer the DIY (Wire + beads + rhinestones) to the original!


JBH Anthropologie Ananta earrings

Wire wrapping is a super handy technique if you like Anthropologie 🙂


Anthropologie hoop meets seed bead earrings



Made By Girls’ DIY Anthropologie vases

Alternatively, you could use fabric flowers and soak it in Mod Podge to create the flowers below.



View Along The Way’s DIY Anthropologie pyrite knobs

Note: the only change I’d make to the tutorial is to use 3M Command strips to attach the stone instead so as to be able to change the look without permanently damaging anything.



Anthropologie Perched Pearl necklace


Pudel Design’s Little Birde DIsh Anthropologie DIY


Anthropologie inspired necklace

This was my very 1st Anthropologie inspired DIY! It’s interesting to see how my style – both in terms of jewelry making and photography has changed!


Anthropologie inspired heart paperclips


Anthro hairclip DIY

A great tutorial as Anthro hair clips are gorgeous but waaay too pricey!


Anthropologie Pearlene necklace


Yeah I made It Anthropologie Ramba Tassel Necklace




Anthropologie crystal earrings

Now gone to a good home in Surrey! Pity as I really want to re-take this photo 😛

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