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You know how some pieces look better worn than on your earring stand? Well this pair of earrings is definitely one of them!


What you need

Gold wire- if you’re a newbie to wire wrapping, I’d advise copper or aluminium as they’re softer (brass, which I used, is freaking hard!) 🙂

Thin gold wire

Quartz or glass chips

Earring hooks (gold coloured)



Step 1

Make a long thin rectangle (about 1 cm by 6cm) with the thicker gold wire, as shown below.

Make another one for the other side of the earring.



Step 2

Wrap 1 end of the wire around the other to tuck it in. You may need to snip off some wire if it’s very long. Do the same for the other side.


Step 3

Now form a loop with the other end of the wire, then wrap it around the based of the loop. By now, I hope the next step is obvious 🙂 – which would be to repeat this!


Step 4

Finally time for the thinner wire to come into play. Wrap it a few times around the shorter side of the rectangle (that is opposite the earring hook).

(Repeat for the other side).



Step 5

Thread on the chips, till they’ve reached the other end of the rectangle, then wrap the wire around the other end. Snip off excess wire and tuck it away.



Step 6

Be a good friend and give this piece to someone who’d love it 🙂 Mine has gone to a  good home in Surrey 🙂

A look at the original:

Written by Zen

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