My first thought on seeing these Balenciaga earrings (on Pinterest, where else?) was: OMG so totally DIY-able!! They’ll just take a minute to make! Well, they ended up taking me 4 months 😛 Not because they’re difficult, but because I don’t usually work with fabric and didn’t have any in store!


What you need

Cardboard- I used the packaging from my face cream

Something round to use as a drawing guide- I used the cap from a bottle of Aesop lotion

Pen to draw with

Scissors and glue – I would suggesting having 2 types on hand- paper glue (to glue the fabric to the cardboard- if you use a glue gun, there’ll be unseemly bumps) and a glue gun (to glue the front to the earring back)

Fabric – I used some fabric yarn scraps!

Pair of earring backs


Step 1

Use the round cap as a guide and draw around it to make a perfect circle. Do this twice- 1 for each earring side.


Step 2

Cut out the circles!



Step 3

Apply glue to the circle and stick it onto the fabric. Repeat for the other side.


Step 4

Trim the fabric quite closely around the circle and then cut the fabric perpendicularly to the circle- this is to help you fold the bits of fabric onto the back of the earring better. Glue those bits down.

Use the glue gun to glue the earring back to the back of the fabric circle.


Optional: you can stick another paper circle onto the back to hide those icky edges.


What do you think?

Written by Zen

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