How long do you hold onto your craft supplies? I have beads dating from over 20 years ago that are just so precious I can’t bear to use them! This Chinese knot isn’t quite that old but as I only have 1, I’ve been deliberating on the best way to use it before deciding on this bracelet. And I also decided to learn how to macrame it myself so I can always make more! 🙂


What you need

Chinese knot tassel (If you can’t find one, I can show you how to macrame one)


Magnetic clasp

3 jump rings





I find buying Chinese knots the best shortcuts to making statement pieces quickly. Don’t believe me? Check out this statement necklace  intricate pendant and lace cuff, all of which I made in 1 minute.


Step 1

Use the pliers to open the jump ring and slip 1 end of the chain and 1 end of the clasp on. Close tightly.

Repeat with the other jump ring & other ends of the chain and clasp.

You actually now have a chain bracelet ready to be worn, which is great for layering and stuff. But if you like a bit more bling, read on.


Step 2

Open the last jump ring, and slide 1 petal of the Chinese knot on along with the middle link of the chain bracelet. Close tightly (you should hear a “click” sound when the jump ring closes.)


Apply some glue to the pearl and press firmly to the centre of the Chinese knot. Make sure the holes of the pearl are facing the sides (and not upwards) so you don’t see it when you are wearing the bracelet.


What do you think? I love my drama tassel rings but must admit that they make eating etc difficult (I take them out then) so a tassel bracelet seemed like a good compromise 🙂

Written by Zen

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Dorene cheo

Thank you, I love oriental accessories. furthermore, it is trendy


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