When I was up in Edinburgh for the Makers & Friends pop-up, it was a (fun!) challenge to decorate a store located in a city which I was visiting (no access to most of my tools and materials). One thing I did have was fabric yarn, and since it was Christmas, I started using it to make tinsel to line the walls. I was randomly trying stuff one day when I realised it also makes a great statement necklace! I love 2-in-1 projects! 🙂 Try it for yourself if you’re not convinced 🙂


What you need

Fabric yarn OR old T-shirts to make into t shirt yarn



Step 1

Cut 1 long piece of t shirt yarn- at least 70 cm long to be used as a necklace.

Cut many shorter lengths of the yarn (around 8 cm long). I cut about 40 shorter lengths but the number you need would depend on how long your longer string is (and how full you want the necklace to be)


Step 2

Take 1 of the short lengths and knot it tightly onto the long string.

Continue tying all the short lengths on- make sure you push each of the short lengths against each other so they’ll be packed tightly. Do this till the necklace looks how you want it to be (you can cut more short lengths if you run out)

Here we are! Initially I thought it’d be a bit took folksy and I’d need to layer it with other necklaces to dress it up. But I actually really like how it looks on its own! The longer you have the short lengths, the more full the necklace will be, and the more eye-catching 🙂 Maybe you can mix up the colours too! I’d love to see what you decide to do 🙂 #notmadebygranny

For more sustainable, upcycled t shirt yarn jewelry projects that are NOT knitted/ crochet-ed (not that there’s anything wrong with knitting & crocheting, but they’re kind of the obvious thing to do with yarn- I like to try different ideas 🙂 ), here are some of my past tutorials:

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And many more 🙂


Written by Zen

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