Earlier in the year, I did a collaborative DIY with a group of very nice bloggers in which we all upcycled something we found in a vintage store. My thrift store buy was a pair of clip on earrings, but even though it was 2nd hand, it wasn’t really cheap- you can spend less at H&M (or Primark!) for a pair of earrings. Now before everyone jumps on me, I’m not saying the 2 items are comparable- Primark & H&M are fast fashion after all and vintage is often something rare- I’m just explaining the pricing difference! So even though I love vintage style, I can’t buy vintage pieces that often. Well, I’m a DIY blogger, aren’t I? So I immediately set to work thinking of how I could do a cheap vintage-esque DIY 🙂


What you need

Gold colored rope

Earring stud (pair)

Glue- any glue would work but you want something that dries fast, otherwise your hands will get very tired holding onto the coiled rope! So I recommend a glue gun 🙂 Just be careful not to burn yourself! I use the Hobbycraft Glue Gun here- let me know if you think I should review it 🙂



Step 1

After letting the glue gun warm up for 5 minutes (the glue has to be hot for it to stick well), dab a bit onto the last 0.5 cm of the rope and then fold the end of the rope into itself.


Step 2

Keep applying more glue and coiling the rope as you glue. Remember that the glue dries fast so you may not want to apply a very long length of glue at a time. When you have a coil that is the size of the earring you want, stop and cut off the rope there. Dab more glue to the end to ensure it doesn’t fray.


Step 3

Now apply some glue to the earring stud and press firmly down to the top of the coil,


Whilst waiting for this to dry, repeat the above to make the other side.


If this tutorial has left you impressed with what you can make using only rope, why not check this tutorial out? It’s a necklace made only from old T shirts!

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