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Anyway, back to today’s feathery statement earring:

What you need

To make the tassel

  1. Black T shirt yarn/ fabric yarn
  2. 2 Kumihumo bead caps
  3. Glue (use a fast drying one or you’ll be really bored holding the feathers to the bead cap)

To make the rest of the earring

  1. Feather trim
  2. Earring hooks
  3. 2 jump rings (only if the earring hook can’t fit around the tassel hoop)
  4. Pliers


Step 1: tassel making

First things first, let’s make the 2 tassels! If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll have seen my boho tassel necklace, shell tassel lariat and Super Statement Tassel Ring DIY and probably know how to create tassels in your sleep by now! If so, skip on to Step 2.

Cut off  3 lengths of yarn, each 2x the length you want your earring to be. (I looooove big earrings so my earrings were shoulder sweepers at 10 cm- i.e. I cut 3 lengths of 20 cm) Line up the yarn so they all start together then fold them into 2 equal lengths. You may find that the ends are a bit ragged, as shown below. Don’t worry this can be trimmed later.



Add glue liberally inside the kumihimo bead cap then push the folded edge of the yarns into the cap.

Repeat the above to make the second tassel.

Leave to dry. Once dry, trim the ends so the tassels are all of the same length.



Step 2

Lay out your feather trim- cut a length that is enough to go around the bead cap at least 1.5 times. (If the trim is too short, it’ll be really difficult to stick to the bead cap properly.)



Add glue to the top of the trim, then roll it around the bead cap and leave to dry.

Repeat for the other tassel.


Step 3

Use the pliers to open the jump ring, slide in 1 earring hook and 1 tassel then close firmly.

Repeat to finish the other side.



Written by Zen

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