I was on my favourite Social Media platform (Pinterest) when I saw a Hermes statement necklace that immediately caught my eye. With a large round stone in the middle of gold chain, it looked like a huge eye, a motif we’ve been seeing all over the place, such as my leftover yarn eye wall art project and gold wire eye paperclip 😉 I immediately thought of how to DIY it with a semi precious stone glued or wired onto some chain but I decided to overhaul the DIY- using a semi precious stone would make it much more expensive and make it harder for people to find the supplies. I wanted to challenge myself to come up with a cheap and easy-t0-find-components DIY tutorial. Let me know if you think I’ve succeeded! 🙂

What you need to make the eye pendant

Rope- I got mine from V V Rouleaux off Oxford Street- it has so many trimmings! If you’re too busy to hit the shops, Amazon or Ebay is a good stop too 🙂

Glue gun- you want your glue to dry fast! So a glue gun is the way to go

To turn the pendant into a necklace, you will also need:

Gold chain


Step 1

After letting the glue gun warm up for about 5 minutes, apply some to the end of the rope and press it onto itself. Let it dry for a few seconds- be careful not to glue your fingers or burn yourself!- then add more glue and continue coiling the rope to form a circle (the iris)


Step 2

When you iris is the perfect size, pinch the rope at a spot several cm from the border of the circle/ iris- this is going to form the corner of your eye. Apply some glue gun in between that spot and pinch so that it sticks together. You need to be careful how much glue you use here or it will seep out and burn you.


Once dry, apply some glue to the base of the iris/circle and press the rope (forming the outside of the eye) firmly against the base.

Step 3

Then glue the rope to the top of the eye, snip off the excess rope and apply more glue to this end so the rope doesn’t fray. A perfect eye pendant completed!

Step 4

To make an eye necklace (instead of just a pendant!), grab some gold chain, open the last link with your pliers and slide 1 corner of the eye on then close the link. Open the link on the other end of the chain and slide the other corner of the eye on before closing firmly.

Now I’m ready for my summer holiday! (Wedding in Barcelona- I think this will be the last wedding for a while…)

Written by Zen