I’ve made at least 1000 pieces of jewelry but I still get tripped up by mistakes. There’s nothing more annoying that when you’ve spent 30 minutes on 1 piece only to realise that you forgot to factor in something and the piece no longer functions. The 1 mistake I keep getting tripped up by is forgetting that dangling earrings swivel, so when you use a charm in your earring, more often than not, you will end up showing the ugly back of the charm to the world 🙁 So to get around this, I was inspired to create my own double-faced/ 3D rhinestone charm using some old name tags I got from a work event.


What you need

Old name tag (or any flat plastic e.g. a file)

Crystal rhinestones (optional: in 2 colours)

Glue Gun or rhinestone glue

Pair of earring hooks

2 jump rings

2 chains (I used 5cm chains)



Safety pin (or needle)

Step 1

First decide what initial (or shape) you want to create, then make it using the crystals. You will now need 4x as many crystals as you used for that shape. Since my name is Zen and I’m a total narcissist, I will be making the initial “Z” for my charm.

So apply some glue in the shape of your initial then stick on the rhinestones. Leave to dry. Whilst drying, repeat the same thing to make the other charm for the other side of your earring.

Step 2

Once they are both dry, turn them over so the crystals face down. Apply glue on the back of the plastic, in the same shape you see through the plastic (so instead of Z you will be creating an inverted Z) then press the rhinestones firmly on. You have the option of doing it in a different colour here. For me, I used white AB crystals on 1 side and navy ones on the back.

Step 3

Whilst the charms are drying, use your pliers to open the hoop at the end of the earring hook, slip 1 chain on then close firmly. Repeat with the other side of the earring.

Step 4

By now your charms should be dry. Use the scissors to trim the plastic to outline the initial you’ve created. Try to cut as much of it away as possible except at the top where you want to leave space to poke a hole (which you will do with the needle/ safety pin.)

Step 5

Now use your pliers to open the jump ring and slip 1 charm on as well as 1 end of the chain from Step 3. Repeat with the rest of the materials



Impressed with what you can do with an old name tag? Here’s another DIY in which I turned some stickers into real earrings (as in earrings that won’t fall apart after just 1 use as a lot of sticker earrings do!) And having made so much jewelry, why not DIY some jewelry cases? Here I round up the best jewelry dish DIYs by my favourite craft bloggers 🙂

Written by Zen

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