Ribbons are so versatile! You can upcycle them from shopping bags into designer pieces- here I show you how to recreate Lanvin earrings– a festival arm cuff, and even no sew clutches! After all those DIYs, I still had some leftover, so I thought, why not make earrings?!


What you need

2 printed ribbons

Beads to match the print on your ribbon- I’ve gone with turquoise and red


Glue- rhinestone glue preferably as it won’t cloud your crystals

Pair of earring studs

Chain (Optional)


Step 1

Glue the beads on in alternating colours. You can also alternate them with the rhinestones OR glue the rhinestones onto the beads.


Tip: choose flatter beads and rhinestones if you’re going to glue them onto each other, otherwise the earring will be too “thick”


Step 2

Optional: Line the edges of the ribbon with glue and press the chain down firmly.


Once the above is dry, turn the ribbon over and glue the earring stud down onto the top of the ribbon.
Tip: Make sure you glue it close to the top otherwise the earring will sit funny.




Written by Zen