Let me tell you a secret. I took a long, hard look at myself and realised I’m a bit of a DIY snob. Even though I love a good upcycling tutorial such as these Tom Binns earrings I made from packaging foam, I usually avoid making jewelry from stickers, paper or plastic because (I think) they look tacky, don’t last long etc. I mean, why spend time making something if it’s only going to last 1 or 2 wears? (Does my confession make you think worse of me? 🙁 ) Most of my DIY projects have lasted me for years (although, yes, I admit that some have fallen apart 🙁 Trial and error, babe!)


However, I recently saw these stickers at Hobbycraft which I thought were totally adorable and would work amazingly for a good craft project. The key to using stickers in your DIYs is to avoid paper stickers (unless you’re working on a paper craft project, or want to varnish over them to make the plastic more long lasting)- these stickers are the puffy foam type and hold up really well! I actually used them to fake the embroidered patch look on my latest shoe DIY- they’ve held up really well, rain or shine 🙂 So today, I thought I’d show you how I turned them into 3D earrings


What you need

Foam/ puffy stickers


Plastic- use an old file, or an old name badge holder as I did- you get so many at events!


Safety Pin (or needle – basically something sharp)

2 small jump rings

2 equal length chains, about 5 cm (length varies depending on how shoulder dusting you want your earrings to be)

Pair of earring hooks


Step 1

Paste 2 butterflies onto the upcycled plastic. (Check that the stickers don’t come off- I used an old name badge holder and they stuck really fast, but if yours looks like a good wind would blow it off, use some glue to hold it down)


Now turn the plastic over and paste 2 butterflies on the other side, over the previous 2 butterflies.


Why are we doing this? Have you noticed how dangling earrings swivel when you wear them, so sometimes the back (ugly bit) ends up facing people and not the nice bit you wanna show off? (This has happened to me MANY times when I DIY, which results in a good craft sulk.) So we’re making sure this earring is nice both front and back so no matter the orientation, it always looks good.



Step 2

Now cut each butterfly out- be sure to trim close to the outline (so the plastic doesn’t show) except for the top bit- we need this bit to fasten the chain t0!

Step 3

Now give those poor butterflies a rest and pick up the pliers instead. Use them to open the loop at the bottom of the earring hoop and slide 1 end of the chain on. Repeat with the other side.

Step 4

Sorry butterflies, we’re back again.

Use the safety pin to poke a hole at the top of each butterfly, then use the pliers to open the jump ring, slide on the other end of the chain (from the previous step) as well as the butterfly charm you just made.


Very fun, very colourful, very festival fashion butterfly earrings just made. My favourite part? They’re really light so they won’t pull at your earring hole or give you a headache from wearing them!


Written by Zen



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