Links of London is 1 brand I’ve never bought anything from- not because I don’t like their designs- I’d hardly be DIYing their work if I didn’t! 😛 But more because I always feel like I can make what they sell myself, customise it to my exact specifications and save 100s of quid! Luckily, I’m not allergic to base metal but even if you are, you can still buy the components in sterling silver and save money!


In fact, Links was among my very first DIY projects- here’s a link but I really blush to see the quality of my photos back then!!


What you need

Tiger tail/ plastic coated stainless steel wire

2 crimps

Silver spacers




Note: if you’re not handy with pliers, use elastic instead of tiger tail wire, and you won’t need any tools! Here are 3 of my bracelet DIYs which also require no tools


Step 1

Cut the wire into a length 1.5x the circumference of your wrist. Slide 1 crimp on followed by the end of the clasp then fold the wire back into the crimp and press down tightly with your pliers

Step 2

Now start threading on the spacers followed by the pearl- repeat this pattern with the same number of spacers (I used about 20 but you can vary the number depending on whether you like more or fewer pearls)

Once you have a length long enough for your wrist, slide on the crimp again followed by the other end of the clasp, double the wire back into the crimp and press down firmly with the pliers.


Slide the wire sticking out back into the metal spacers (to prevent it from poking you) then cut the excess off.

What next? Make more to layer them up! I have like 10 such bracelets, they’re so easy to make!!

Written by Zen

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