I love pearls but they can be hard to wear. If you don’t look super youthful, they can make you look like your Grandmother! (I have a short neck, and square face, so the classic pearl necklace is a big NO for me!) However, they are a great way to dress up your look- I love pairing them with blue jeans! I was in 2 minds about this Oscar de la Renta design but when I tried it on, it looked great as part of a mismatched earring set 🙂


PS If you’re a Oscar de la Renta fan, here are 2 other DIYs inspired by the brand- a flower bracelet and a tassel earring– I made them quite some time ago so the style is pretty different from what I do now. Let me know what you think! 🙂


What you need

4 headpins

2 large crystal rondelles

6 medium crystal rondelles

2 large pearls

8 medium pearls

Earring stud back




Step 1

Slide 1 medium pearl on 1 headpin then use the pliers to form a loop at the top of the pearl (You will need to snip off excess wire)

Repeat this to make the other side.


Step 2

Glue each pearl from Step 1 onto each side of the earring stud. Leave to dry.


Step 3

Whilst letting Step 2 dry, slide 1 large pearl, 1 medium rondelle, followed by 1 medium pearl, 1 small rondelle, 1 medium pearl, 1 small rondelle and lastly 1 medium pearl before making a loop at the top of the pearl. Before closing the loop, slide the loop from Step 2 on then close firmly.
Do this again with the remaining supplies to make the other side. 




For more pearl DIYs, check out this round-up I did of other bloggers’ projects 🙂


Look at how similar it is to the original Oscar de La Renta earring:


Written by Zen