So the other day I shared a DIY tutorial which was inspired by Oscar de La Renta (you can see it here) on 1 of my Facebook groups and got this comment “why copy?” To be honest, I was rather taken aback by the comment as just written like that, it came across as rather rude and abrasive. But it also got me thinking- when I first started crafting, I preferred to make original designs, which I still enjoy. So why the focus on designer DIYs? (Am I just selling out and doing it to get more blog views???!!!!)


Well, I really enjoy deconstructing stuff and seeing how I could make the same thing in a more accessible way 🙂 Especially when they’re priced like designer stuff is! So here’s my take on the tassels we’re seeing all over the runways.

What you need

Rhinestone Glue- you can use other glues but they might make your crystal cloudy if you’re not careful and get some on the stone

Rhinestone chain

Single rhinestone crystal



Step 1

Dot some glue on the centre of the ring and press the rhinestone crystal firmly down.





Apply some glue around it and wrap the rhinestone crystal chain halfway around the stone. Leave to dry


Note: If you use Perfect Deco glue, it’s slow drying so you will need to leave it somewhere flat or the stone will slowly sliiiiidddeee down.


Written by Zen

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