What you need

Gold chain

Brass wire

Long green beads – either 3, 5 or 7

Round red beads- either 6, 10 or 14 (basically double of the number of green beads)


Note: I’m making the necklace long enough to go around my head so skipping the clasp, but if you like yours bib-like, you’ll need to factor in a clasp

Step 1: Make the cherries

So we’re making bunches of cherries- the exact number you want is up to you but, aesthetically, I hunk 3, 5 or 7 look best 🙂 I started with 3, posted on IG and asked for everyone’s opinion: the common consensus was 5 is the best number 🙂 So if you’re unsure, that’s a guide for you! Just remember that more bunches of cherries = heavier necklace

Cut a length of brass wire 10 cm length. Use your pliers to make a hoop at then end, then thread on 1 red bead.

Now use your pliers to bend the brass wire in half and loop it into the middle of your gold chain, thread another red bead on then make another loop at the other end.

Repeat this step 2 more times (or 4/6 more times, if you decided to go with more cherries)

This is what 1 bunch of cherries looks like (without the leaf for now)

Step 2: make the leaves

Now thread a green bead on to the main roll of brass wire, then use your pliers to form a loop at the bottom of the wire.

Cut the brass wire about 1 cm above where the green bead ends and form another loop at the top, hook it onto the same link that the bunch of cherries is attached to, then close firmly.

Repeat for the other cherry bunches

A few minutes later, we have 3 very Dolce & Gabanna-esque cherries!


Written by Zen

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