Are you affected by the weather? Growing up in sunny Singapore, this wasn’t a question I thought much about – apart from being grumpy when it was hazy, it’s pretty much either hot and humid or hot and rainy all year round in the tropics. I wasn’t even sure I believed in SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder where people get depressed due to lack of sunlight)! Then I moved to St. Andrews in Scotland for University…. lol…


These days, living in London, the weather is definitely better than in Scotland but I still notice a marked difference in my mood when the sun is out!  For example, have you noticed how my DIYs are all on the bright and cheerful side now that the weather’s nice? 🙂


Today, I want to share this bracelet which is perfect for a summer getaway! And if you need a matching necklace, this pom pom necklace DIY is bright AND perfect for the beach as it can be washed!

Materials required

Wooden flat beads


Either Elastic – in which case you won’t need any tools to make the bracelet!!! (An example are these tribal bracelets which use the same wooden beads) – or tiger tail wire, 2 crimps, a clasp and pliers (shown below)



Step 1

Slide the crimp onto the wire followed by the clasp. Thread the wire back into the crimp and flatten the crimp with the pliers.



Step 2

Thread some wooden beads followed by a rhinestone- repeat this pattern till the bracelet can go around your wrist. I’ve used 7 wooden beads to 1 rhinestone but the exact number is up to you.


Step 3

To finish off, we go back to Step 1- slide 1 crimp on, the other end of the clasp and then pull the wire through the crimp before flattening it. Snip off any excess wire.


Written by Zen

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