I’ve lived in the UK 7 years, and visited over 10 times, but somehow never visited Norfolk. When I saw how charming it looked (on Instagram, where else?!), of course I had to visit and, as crafter, of course I had to check out what it has to offer in terms of Arts & Crafts! 🙂


What I found is that the saying “Norwich has a church for every week in the month (and a pub for every day in the year”) is certainly true. And what I find amazing is how they’ve put their old churches to such good use! There are art centres in churches, exhibitions, and even an antique shop! My first find is St Gregory’s Church, which now houses a collective of antique traders. I found amazing old jewelry to be repurposed, vintage yarns and some amazing shells which you’ll be seeing on my range of mermaid crown jewellery coming soon 🙂


St Gregory’s Church


It even has an amazing ceiling!


Look at this treasure trove of hidden wonders- I found 1 of my fave shells there- you’ve seen it in a ton of my photos actually 🙂

PS There’s even a crypt!


A few streets away, at 33 St Benedicts Street is Raphael Crafts, run by the lovely Anne Allen. She not only stocks beads, but also has 1 of the widest collection of ribbons that I’ve seen.


Here is a festival cuff I DIY-ed using some of it! I’ve also use it make a boho bag, which I’ll be sharing next week 🙂


A few stops down the road is Norwich Art Supplies- why not pick up some paints to capture Norwich’s amazing medieval architecture? (It’s been featured in many films, such as my favourite- Stardust! I must have watched that movie at least 10 times)


A stone’s throw away is Norfolk Yarns


Look at their lovely window display!

This is the ONLY place I’ve seen that sells those giant merino wools- and that includes the Knitting & Stitching show that I visited! (They use them for spinning wool though, not extreme knitting) And they have these amazing thick crochet needles carved from raw wood! (I’ve featured it on my IG feed- @hapinesswherever- so won’t bore you guys by repeating it here)



How many knitting shops does 1 city need? A few minutes walk over is Craft Ewe Knitting & Craft Shop (15 St Giles St) and a door down is another shop, Sew Creative! This one stocks more sewing machines but also has a small haberdashery section.



Norwich’s independent department store, Jarrolds hassuch a wide selection of Arts & Crafts that it’s housed in TWO buildings! (Next to each other)


The offshoot is the arts store and the one in the regular store is the haberdashery. If I needed a long list of craft supplies, this place would probably be my first stop owing to its large range.


Angels Crystal Shop

This is more of a New Age shop but since boho and crystals are so in these days, is a great stop for any crafter to pick up on druzies and what not!


Open Air Market

A mish mash of stalls, I didn’t find anything good myself but there are so many stores it’s definitely worth a wander- you never know, you may get lucky! 🙂


A little away from the city centre is another enclave of shops. Starting with Stubenhocher which sells amazing interior products and chalk paint. Over the bridge is a whole host of vintage shops and haberdasheries, such as sewing school and then at least 2 fabric shops and I-can’t-remember-how-many vintage ones.

My dream is to have a little craft place like this, where I can spread creativity, one day 🙂 


The other shops looked really suspicious when I asked if I could take photos inside for a blog post so sadly we’ll have to skip them but I promise you if you take a wander down to Magdalen Street, you’ll find lots to keep you occupied 🙂


Hello Mr Bear, 2nd hand shop, Magdalen St


Held irregularly but still well worth visiting is the Norwich Makers Market at The Assembly House. I found cool makers Leanne from Birch Lea Soaperie and Misfit Makes there. Here’s a snap shot of all the goodies I came home with :0 #support independent


For other craft shops in the UK, here’s my list for Brighton, Angel Islington and London 🙂
Let me know if you think there are others I should add! 🙂

Written by Zen

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