I recently had an epiphany. Even though I don’t think of myself as a foodie- unlike fellow Singaporeans, I would never queue up for more than 15 minutes for food, for example- and don’t particularly think of myself as an avid baker or cook, I spend hours every day looking at food recipes!! So I guess, maybe I do like to cook, but only because I love, love, love to eat! And cooking at home means I get to control exactly what I am eating! Although I’m not sure if replacing the sugar with dates in my baking really means i can eat the whole tray full of cookies…. hmmm…. (Short of time? Here’s a 10 minute recipe to make cookies which doesn’t require a blender or mixer! I love these easy “cheating” recipes!


Today’s recipe, which is the first I’ve shared in years (!! the last was tips on how to make a good stock as shared with me by Billingsgate seafood school), is very simple and inspired by Noob Cook, a fellow Singaporean food blogger (although waaaaaay more successful than I am) who was inspired by Nigella Lawson. In her recipe, she uses butter + marmite + pasta = yummy, delicious spaghetti dish! Now I love marmite, so I loved the recipe. But as Marmite is notorious for being divisive, I thought I”d try the recipe substituting something for marmite to see if it works, and based on the reaction of my last guest (a Thai friend who said an emphatic no to the marmite), it does! 🙂


What you need

Pasta – I think this recipe works better with angel hair pasta but went with whole what to be healthy. It was acceptable but obviously not as scrumptious as with regular, angel hair spaghetti. Either way, Garofalo is my favourite brand

Butter – I usually use Lurpak, but only had Anchor in the freezer this time round. I don’t know if the brand of butter really makes a difference, but the sauce felt a bit oilier this time round so maybe it does!

Chilli- homemade or store-bought! If you used homemade- mine is just pounded chillies- you may want to add salt to the pasta or it will be very bland!!!




Step 1

The 3 minute excludes this pasta boiling time of course! If you use Angel hair Pasta, it only takes like 4 minutes to boil the pasta. With whole wheat, it took me around 11 minutes. In case you’ve never made pasta before (don’t be shocked- my Mom never has!!), what you need to do is add salt to water and set it to boil. Once boiling, add the pasta and let it boil uncovered till cooked.

Once the pasta is cooked, drain it but do not throw the pasta water away!!!!


Step 2

Cut a bit slab of butter- I used about 40g  of it and place it in a hot pan to melt along with 1 teaspoon of the pasta water. When the butter has melted. add the pasta and swirl it around so the butter coats it evenly.

Now add the chilli and – if not using pre salted chilli- salt. You may wish to add some more pasta water if you want a lighter sauce. Mix well.


Gosh my tummy just rumbled. Lol. Anyway I found this dish so good I had it 4 days in a row! (till I ran out of pasta :P) Try it and let me know what you think! It is so easy to make, perfect for days you are feeling lazy!


PS If like me, you hate wasting calories on bad food, I have 2 instagram accounts documenting where I eat in London and Singapore and whether it was worth it or not! (@eatingardldn @eatingardsg )

Written by Zen