Today’s DIY is a collaboration with a fellow blogger, Majeang, who I met at a blogging event. Lucky her has been travelling everywhere over the last few weeks, so the theme of today’s boho DIY is inspired by her travels- check out her blog to read all about her amazing escapades!!


What you need


Bugle beads (you can replace this with seed beads but it’ll take you more time to make the bracelet)


Kumihimo clasp






Step 1

Cut 1 long length of copper wire, about 1.5m long. Thread 2 bugle beads through and push them to the middle of the wire. Now take 1 end of the copper wire and thread it back into the 2nd copper bead. (so it should go in from the hole through which the other end of the wire now sticks out). Continue alternating between threading on 1 more bugle bead through 1 wire and sticking the other wire back through the same hole the 1st wire comes out of. Do this till you have enough length (of bugle beads) to cover about 1/3 your wrist. (This may differ depending on the size of your butterfly- basically the length times two plus the length of the butterfly should go round your entire wrist)

Step 2

Now place your butterfly onto the last bugle bead and use the wire to wrap it around the butterfly, both the front and the back of the butterfly. Make sure the wire is tight around the butterfly’s body so that it is secure.


Step 3

Then it’s back to threading on the bugle beads till the entire bracelet is long enough to cover your wrist! Once that’s down, tuck the ends of the wire into the last bugle bead, dip each of the ends of the bracelet in glue and insert it into the kumihumo clasp.


Optional: Dab some glue onto the butterfly and wires/beads to make sure it holds fast.

Written by Zen