So I was in Dusseldorf for work a few weeks ago- this is my 3rd time there for the Packaging & Process exhibition Interpack (not very exciting I know but there is a lot of free chocolate :P) and a guide to Dusseldorf for crafters will be coming soon! – and picked up some €1 curtain pulls. At that time I wasn’t really sure what I’d make with them but €1 is such a steal and I love picking up crafty stuff everywhere I travel. Lately, I’ve been on a seashell – beach DIY binge- probably inspired by my mermaid crown making! (First workshop is at Drink Shop Do on July 25!!! More details coming soon, can’t wait!) and I guess that’s what prompted this very summer style earrings.
What you need

Curtain pulls


Rhinestone chain

2 kumihumo bail endings

2 jump rings

Pair of earring hooks

2 starfish

2 small pearls



Step 1

Apply a bit of glue to the centre of each starfish and stick the pearl to it. Make sure the hole in the pearl faces the side and not up!

Leave to one side.



Step 2

Cut the curtain pulls but leave about 0.5cm of cord at each end. Don’t throw away that cord!! It makes great macrame material!! Apply glue to the remaining 0.5cm of cord then stuff it into 1 bail.
Repeat with the other side.


Step 3

Apply glue to the base of the pull, just above the fringe and then stick the rhinestone chain on. if the glue is fast-drying, you would want to apply 1 cm of glue, stick, more glue, stick…. till you’ve gone all round. Cut off the excess chain and repeat with the other pull


Last step

Apply glue to the back of each starfish and stick onto the curtain pull as shown below.

If you making earrings, use pliers to open the jump ring, slide 1 bail and 1 hook on then close. Repeat with the remaining materials.


If not, this makes a good lariat or necklace as well! (You would slide 1 bail and 1 end of a chain onto the jump ring when making the lariat)

Written by Zen

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