You know how bloggers always say the best thing about being a blogger is the community? To be honest, I was always a little sceptical when I read comments like that – it sounded just like the PC  and “right” thing to say. I mean I’d met nice people blogging, but nothing out of the ordinary. However, when I began exploring moving to Edinburgh 1.5 years ago (still in London though!!!), I started understanding what people meant and feeling the blogger community love!!


The first really, really, really nice blogger I met was Lucie of Tetris & Cheesecakes – she also has an amazing store in Bruntside, Flamingosaurus Rex, which I highly recommend! Just based on the fact that we were both St. Andrews Uni alums (but didn’t know each other), she reached out, and spent a whole day bringing me all around Edinburgh introducing me to the best craft & design stores! (I was doing research for moving Makers & Friends up north- sadly, still not found a good location yet!!) So THANK YOU Lucie!!


And the second Ah-May-Zing blogger I met was Ruth MacGlip (through Lucie!) of Urbanity Blog. Even though I blog myself, I must admit that some bloggers are only blogging for the freebies they get- or worse, they ask for a freebie but don’t write about it! (It’s understandable if they feel the product/ service didn’t suit their blog after trying it- however I do think it’s only professional to write to let the brand know, instead of just ignoring them!) So I was blown away when Ruth came all the way down to my Makers & Friends pop-up last December, to write about us, without any promise of a free gift or class or event on my end!! It really showed her passion for what she writes about (she focuses a lot on ethical fashion and independent brands) and what an amazing person-blogger she is! So anyone out there looking for a fashion blogger (who genuinely cares about what writes about) to collaborate with should definitely reach out to her!!!


(She is also super responsive- I’ve lost track of the number of people who say they want to be interviewed but never actually reply when I send the questions over to them- Ruth had her answers with me in less than an hour!!!! IMPRESSED If Makers & Friends was in a position to pay bloggers, Ruth is definitely the top blogger I’d want to work with! 🙂 )

And did I mention she’s model pretty too?! 🙂


What made you start Urbanity? I read that you started it in 2015 with Sarah Eweh but have not seen much of her on the blog- how do you divvy up the work?

I started the blog with Sarah who is still my flatmate and bestie, but she dropped off a few months in and I decided to go it alone. We started Urbanity as an outlet for our mutual love for fashion, and now it has grown into a portfolio for my career in the industry.


Working with friends can be challenging so that is amazing you are still besties 🙂 16,000 monthly viewers is very impressive- I wish I had that many 😛 – how did you grow your blog?

Growth was very slow- for the first year I had no idea what I was doing. In the last 6-12 months things have taken off because Ive started treated it like a full time job and really taken it seriously, rather than just as a frivolous hobby.



I know what you mean! I’ve been blogging for 3 years now and when I look back at the first year’s posts- shudder!!!

Congratulations on being awarded blogger of the year at the Herald Fashion Awards! How did that come about (did u apply/ were you nominated) and what opportunities has come from it?

I applied to the fashion awards on a whim, not expecting much as I am not as successful as many in the local industry, and lucked out on winning because the judges saw the integrity, honesty and passion in my work. Winning an award may seem like a silly formality but it has definitely helped me get my name out there and feel more confident in my abilities.


Great lesson there- we should always just try, and not wait for “someday” (when we feel we are good enough! 🙂 )

What are your best and worst moments of blogging?

The best moment was probably either the Herald Fashion Awards because I was so surprised and honoured, taking part in Fashion Revolution Week this year or just generally getting feedback and engagement from the industry.


Love the boots!


I was really surprised to see that you have your phone number on your Facebook page! Do you get any nuisance calls from it? Has it helped brands get in touch with you?

Oh shit I do! Literally had no clue. Its an old out of use number anyway! I only use email really.


Hahaha! I wonder who has that number now!

You write a lot about fast and ethical fashion. How would you define them? For example, you wear brands like Topshop and urban outfitters- do you consider them ethical brands and do you ever buy fast fashion? 🙂 

Fast fashion in a trend led mass market industry is aimed at making the most profit from the least investment, therefore taking advantage of people and the planet. Ethical fashion aims to create a more sustainable future. I wear brands like these because I used to be a total fast fashion addict and was ignorant of the affects of my purchases, but now I am a more conscious consumer who then aims to educate others, however by no means am I perfect- I live on a student budget and work in fashion so there is some compromise where needs be.


It’s good to hear that you are not perfect! It would be too intimidating otherwise! 🙂 I must confess that I own a few things from Primark & H&M which I personally would associate with fast fashion! 
You did a fashion shoot with Next Top Model UK- that must have been exciting! How did that come about and how was it different from a regular shoot?

This shoot was a collaboration between the Scottish Design Exchange and Simone Murphy who was a contestant on this year’s Britain’s Next Top Model which I styled and directed. We knew Simone as she grew up here in Edinburgh and modelled for us before, so she was keen to help us grow. It was no different from a regular shoot as Simone is a total professional but also a genuinely nice person.

Wow! What a small world! It’s so interesting when famous people pop up in your backyard. I remember thinking that when I found out K T Tunstall grew up in St. Andrews- which is where I went to Uni, not that I knew her!

Who are some of your favourite fashion bloggers and independent fashion brands?

My favourite bloggers right now are The Quiet Resolution, Wardrobe Conversations, Lafotka, Little Blog of Horrors and Kingdom of Style. My favourite independant fashion brands are Olivia Rose, Nu Blvck, Studio Five, Birds of Prayers and Rachel McMillan.


Oh I follow Wardrobe Conversations on IG! I love their quirky style. Will have to check the rest out too 🙂
What are your personal blog posts  that you are most and least proud of?

I am probably most proud of my mental health posts where I’ve opened up about my story, these have genuinely seemed to connect with people and allowed them to contact me for support. I’m probably least proud of any posts I would do for brands I didn’t really care about who offered nothing in return and were rude or disrespectful, mostly now deleted!



I know what you mean, I find opening up, sharing something personal and letting myself be vulnerable really difficult! In fact, I think to this day, I’ve told fewer than 10 friends about the blog! (In the early days, it was like 2 people!) Well done you for succeeding!! 🙂

You’re based in Edinburgh but come down to london for work- how is blogging (or bloggers) different in London and Scotland?

I’m currently interning and blogging in London yes, its definitely a different scene- I prefer being a bigger fish in a smaller pond! But it is great to be so close to my dream collaborators.


Being head of fashion at SDX at such a young age is so impressive! What does your work there involve and what are your three tips to other fashion bloggers who are looking for similar roles?

Aw thank you! My work there involves curating and managing a selection of Scottish fashion, accessories and jewellery designers and promoting their products both on and off line.


My tips would be:

  • always network and seek out for new connections wherever you go
  • have the confidence to introduce yourself and your unique experience and skillset to people in the industry
  • comparison is the thief of joy so don’t focus too much on what others are doing

Written by Zen