I saw this ring I really liked in a magazine- can’t remember the brand but was thinking, hey it looks a lot like the Links bracelet DIY I did, bet I can make it as a ring!  So here’s my take on it 🙂


What you need

Silver metal spacers

At least 2 pearls (I used faux pearls)

Glue- I used a glue gun as it provides a fairly strong bond, has no horrendous odour unlike E3000 and dries quickly but other strong glues are also viable.

At least 2 rounds of memory wire ring (this is wire that holds its round shape- it comes in sizes for rings, bracelets and necklaces. Used to be really popular in the 90s!! Maybe this will be the beginning of a comeback :P)
Step 1

Add some glue to the end of the memory ring and quickly slide the pearl onto the glue. Leave to dry.Glue gun works best on rough surfaces so you may want to use sandpaper to roughen the surface of the wire.


Step 2

Once dry, start threading on the metal spacers. If you are insecure about the glue holding, apply some glue below the metal spacers as well. I have used mine quite a few times and the ring is still holding up well FYI 🙂


Step 3

When at the end of the wire, apply more glue and slide on the 2nd pearl. You want to make sure the wire ends in the middle of the pearl and doesn’t stick out (or it will poke you badly.) If you’ve miscalculated, no worries, push the pearl firmly against the metal spacers, apply more glue and add more pearls till they cover the wire!


Written by Zen