Anthro inspired DIYs are a bit of a theme of my blog- can’t help it, Anthropologie is the store I wish I’d started!- so here’s another one before summer ends 🙂 (Also, I’m rather fond of Anthropologie after 1 of my previous Anthro DIYs got picked up Buzzfeed- yeeeaaah! THANK YOU BUZZFEED! Check out the tutorial here)


What you need

Pair of earring hooks


Seed beads

10 teardrop beads




Photo 1: Thread some seed beads followed by 1 teardrop bead onto the wire. Repeat this 5 times, with the same number of seed beads each time. (Or approximately!)


Photo 2: Cut off the excess wire, and form a small hoop with 1 end before wrapping it around both wires (i.e. itself and the other wire). If the other wire has bits sticking out, wrap that around too


Photo 3: Use your pliers to open the hoop at the base of the earring hook, slip the hoop you formed in Step 2 on then close the earring hoop




Repeat to make the other side!


What do you think? Would you wear it? I like the idea, but the colour doesn’t really stand out with my hair (I don’t wear it up much) So either i dye my hair back unicorn-shaded or I gift this pair of earrings to someone… What say you?

Written by Zen

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