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7 Best Free People DIYs

Wild Amor’s $2 interpretation of Free People’s $28 denim choker   Chic Steals: Quartz bracelet   Bolo necklace DIY   Free People inspired turban (!) by Gina Michele🙂     Wild Amor’s metal bandana necklace   I try to source from a wide range of blogs but Gina Michele’s Free People DIYs are so amazing,… Read more »

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Anthro hoop earrings DIY

Anthro inspired DIYs are a bit of a theme of my blog- can’t help it, Anthropologie is the store I wish I’d started!- so here’s another one before summer ends 🙂 (Also, I’m rather fond of Anthropologie after 1 of my previous Anthro DIYs got picked up Buzzfeed- yeeeaaah! THANK YOU BUZZFEED! Check out the… Read more »

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Summer Festival DIY Collaboration

So it’s time for another DIY Bloggers collaboration and today’s theme is Summer Festival. I’ve been really busy with all-things-headdressy due to preparations for my Mermaid Crown workshop at Drink Shop Do, London on 25 July  so I thought why not make a pom pom headdress? I was also really curious as to what my fellow bloggers… Read more »

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Is running a Facebook ad worth it for a creative business?

Maybe you’re a blogger. Or you sell handmade jewellery at fairs & on Etsy. Run creative workshops? There’s no end to the number of types of small creative businesses out there but I think 1 thing we all face is HOW TO GET TRACTION IN THE BUSINESS! One avenue I’ve recently been trying is advertising,… Read more »

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Silver tassel earrings DIY

Do you remember what first got you into making & crafting? Like many kids, I’d done the odd art & craft project here  & there but it wasn’t anything serious. Unlike some of my more creative friends I didn’t have a childhood epiphany where I just knew I wanted to work with crafts (One of… Read more »

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Festival butterfly bracelet DIY

Today’s DIY is a collaboration with a fellow blogger, Majeang, who I met at a blogging event. Lucky her has been travelling everywhere over the last few weeks, so the theme of today’s boho DIY is inspired by her travels- check out her blog to read all about her amazing escapades!!   What you need… Read more »

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Father’s Day DIY Gift: Longan Tomato Chutney Jam

Love or hate Facebook, I must say it’s been great for creating a sense of community. I’m part of this (amazing) DIY bloggers Facebook Group where, every month, bloggers from all round the world do a collaborative DIY challenge. Last month, it was upcycling a thrifted item and this month, it’s making a Father’s Day… Read more »