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7 Best Free People DIYs

Wild Amor’s $2 interpretation of Free People’s $28 denim choker   Chic Steals: Quartz bracelet   Bolo necklace DIY   Free People inspired turban (!) by Gina Michele🙂     Wild Amor’s metal bandana necklace   I try to source from a wide range of blogs but Gina Michele’s Free People DIYs are so amazing,… Read more »

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Anthro hoop earrings DIY

Anthro inspired DIYs are a bit of a theme of my blog- can’t help it, Anthropologie is the store I wish I’d started!- so here’s another one before summer ends 🙂 (Also, I’m rather fond of Anthropologie after 1 of my previous Anthro DIYs got picked up Buzzfeed- yeeeaaah! THANK YOU BUZZFEED! Check out the… Read more »

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Links of London bracelet DIY

Links of London is 1 brand I’ve never bought anything from- not because I don’t like their designs- I’d hardly be DIYing their work if I didn’t! 😛 But more because I always feel like I can make what they sell myself, customise it to my exact specifications and save 100s of quid! Luckily, I’m… Read more »

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Hermes inspired eye statement necklace DIY

I was on my favourite Social Media platform (Pinterest) when I saw a Hermes statement necklace that immediately caught my eye. With a large round stone in the middle of gold chain, it looked like a huge eye, a motif we’ve been seeing all over the place, such as my leftover yarn eye wall art… Read more »

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Runway inspired rhinestone tassel ring

So the other day I shared a DIY tutorial which was inspired by Oscar de La Renta (you can see it here) on 1 of my Facebook groups and got this comment “why copy?” To be honest, I was rather taken aback by the comment as just written like that, it came across as rather… Read more »

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Oscar de la Renta faux pearl earring DIY

I love pearls but they can be hard to wear. If you don’t look super youthful, they can make you look like your Grandmother! (I have a short neck, and square face, so the classic pearl necklace is a big NO for me!) However, they are a great way to dress up your look- I… Read more »

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21 Anthropologie DIYs

Anthropologie is 1 of the hottest brands out there, beloved by all DIY-ers such as myself for being an amazing source of inspiration 🙂   Here are some of my favourite Anthro-inspired hacks 🙂 I’ll be trying some of them this weekend- let me know if you have a fave from this list!!!   Glissade… Read more »

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Anthropologie Herkimer Matchstick earrings DIY

Are you tired of Anthropologie yet? If you are, leave me a comment as to what other brands you’d like to see on the blog! 🙂   You know how some pieces look better worn than on your earring stand? Well this pair of earrings is definitely one of them!   What you need Gold… Read more »

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Balenciaga earrings DIY

My first thought on seeing these Balenciaga earrings (on Pinterest, where else?) was: OMG so totally DIY-able!! They’ll just take a minute to make! Well, they ended up taking me 4 months 😛 Not because they’re difficult, but because I don’t usually work with fabric and didn’t have any in store!   What you need… Read more »