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Turn your old electronics into earrings without tools

What do you do with your old electronics? I have a TON lying around but taps, old washing machines and hard drives all have parts that can be turned into jewelry! (Or the parts are also very cheap and available at most hardware stores) Here’s an example of how I used rubber washers- used to… Read more »

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Anthropologie inspired hoop earrings DIY

What’s your favourite craft project? I love making everything (well almost) but my favourite projects are those that upcycle ordinary objects, or turn simple beads into gorgeous jewelry pieces. This Anthropologie crystal hoop earrings is one of them! If you love Anthropologie, as I do, here are more Anthropologie hacks for you. And if you… Read more »

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Colourful boho tassel necklace no tools DIY

What with all the T shirt yarn projects I’ve been DIY-ing (a bohemian gypsy necklace, a cushion meets dog toy meets bracelet meets necklace & a colourful necklace ), I have a ton of T shirt yarn scraps and was thinking of a good way to use them all up. And now that the sun is (sort… Read more »

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How to make a wedding band with only wire

Now before you throw a fit, I’m not saying you should use this ring as your wedding band- I’m just using “wedding band” to describe this simple band ring style 🙂 And NO TOOLS are needed!! I like creating DIYs such as these because they’re so simple! Everybody can find (and work with) wire! You… Read more »

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How to turn plain paper into beautiful stationery

I have a confession. I sometimes help myself to the stationery – and toiletries!- in my hotel room 😛 (Are you guilty of that too? They make perfect gym toiletry sets!!!) Since I never throw anything away, this leaves me with a lot of paper around the house! It’s great working paper but not so good… Read more »

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Eye wall art from leftover yarn DIY

Have you ever made pom poms? Or knitted? If you do, you’ll probably have a TON of leftover bits and bobs of yarn- too small to use again, but when you add it up, it makes quite a big pile. I’m working on a pom pom bag- which I CANT WAIT to share with all… Read more »

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Bohemian jewelry holder DIY

What’s the best thing that happened to you lately? Marlene from Idle Hands Awake kindly featured my gold eye paperclips DIY in her latest DIY round up which made my week! When you are a blogger, little things like that make you jump for joy 🙂 THANK YOU MARLENE!   So I popped over to… Read more »

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Turn a curtain tie into a statement necklace

I’m in love with curtain tassels- they’re such an easy & gorgeous way to add a tassel to your DIY project and, luckily for me, tassels remain huge in 2017. To be honest, I don’t personally care what is on trend (style is timeless right?) but my DIY tutorials audience do seem to appreciate the… Read more »

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Statement lace cuff easy DIY

What you need Big chinese knot button – you can make this or buy this. I’ve not done a tutorial to show how to make it (yet!) but they are readily available on you tube 🙂 If not, these buttons are found in many haberdasheries 🙂 I saw some at VV Rouleaux over at Marylebone… Read more »