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Turn your old electronics into earrings without tools

What do you do with your old electronics? I have a TON lying around but taps, old washing machines and hard drives all have parts that can be turned into jewelry! (Or the parts are also very cheap and available at most hardware stores) Here’s an example of how I used rubber washers- used to… Read more »

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Fabric yarn necklace DIY

How crazy do you go when you buy your craft supplies? I’ve recently become obsessed with fabric yarn DIYs- you’ll never guess how many rolls of T shirt yarn I have in my living room now (Go ahead and give me a number 🙂 ) Why is this of interest to you? Well, we’ll be… Read more »

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Colourful boho tassel necklace no tools DIY

What with all the T shirt yarn projects I’ve been DIY-ing (a bohemian gypsy necklace, a cushion meets dog toy meets bracelet meets necklace & a colourful necklace ), I have a ton of T shirt yarn scraps and was thinking of a good way to use them all up. And now that the sun is (sort… Read more »

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Chopsticks into earring stand upcycle

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve crafted with? I think mine would be old chopsticks- unused of course!!! So far, I’ve made a trivet and a toilet roll holder with chopsticks.  Due to my renewed commitment to blogging (6 times a week, Mon- Sat!), I now have an excess of jewelry to hang up, so I thought,… Read more »

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How to turn plain paper into beautiful stationery

I have a confession. I sometimes help myself to the stationery – and toiletries!- in my hotel room 😛 (Are you guilty of that too? They make perfect gym toiletry sets!!!) Since I never throw anything away, this leaves me with a lot of paper around the house! It’s great working paper but not so good… Read more »

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Eye wall art from leftover yarn DIY

Have you ever made pom poms? Or knitted? If you do, you’ll probably have a TON of leftover bits and bobs of yarn- too small to use again, but when you add it up, it makes quite a big pile. I’m working on a pom pom bag- which I CANT WAIT to share with all… Read more »

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Bohemian jewelry holder DIY

What’s the best thing that happened to you lately? Marlene from Idle Hands Awake kindly featured my gold eye paperclips DIY in her latest DIY round up which made my week! When you are a blogger, little things like that make you jump for joy 🙂 THANK YOU MARLENE!   So I popped over to… Read more »

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Old glass bottle whose label wouldn’t come off: rope upcycle

I have a confession to make. This DIY tutorial isn’t the most original. There are tons of rope basket/ coaster tutorials etc on Pinterest already. Why am I still featuring this then? Well, all those other DIYs call for a glue gun and if, like me, you don’t have one and are too skint to… Read more »

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Boho tassle necklace with T shirt Yarn DIY

What have you made with T Shirt Yarn? (That is yarn made from the leftover fabric from the fashion industry- very sustainable!!) I’ve been on a T-Shirt Yarn DIY craze lately. I started off with this nice easy chic necklace which only used T Shirt Yarn (and thus is machine washable) (but still made a… Read more »