I was one of those annoying adolescent girls who didn’t get acne. I had blackheads, and the occasional zit, but overall, my skin was naturally fair & pretty good. (I’m not saying fair skin is good but in East Asia, light skin is sought after- go figure.) In fact, one of my good friends “broke up” with me when we were 16 because she felt my life was too perfect. (I’m not making this up- she sent me an email explaining how she felt & why she was jealous when we were 18. To put this in context, my grades were also really good, my Mom wasn’t strict so I could do pretty much whatever I wanted and I was tall & slim. Before I come across super conceited, I’d better share that I am no oil painting- in fact, I must have been hiding behind the door when God was distributing looks to my cousins & I (we got compared a lot)- nonetheless, life was pretty good when I was a teenager…)


Don’t worry, life is fair after all, because it all went t*** up when I was 18. I put on a ton of weight (freshman 15) & had AWFUL, awful, awful skin. I went to several dermatologists, took antibiotics yada yada but nothing really worked. Then I found the Baviphat Apple AC Therapy Sleeping Mask and it totally cleared up my skin. I HIGHLY recommend it! Sadly it stopped working on me after a few years (Adolescent acne goes away but adult acne is, apparently, forever. Sucks!) So since then, I’ve been searching for another miracle cure- welcome to my journey on the way to good skin!



Skin type: combination, 30+ year old, Chinese

Skin concerns: open pores! Scars 🙁 Basically on the quest for the clear, bright, tofu-like skin of the Korean stars…

Make up concerns: super fat, oily, single eyelid. Searching for a mascara and eyeliner that will not budge on my skin!!!

Tony Moly used the make THE MOST amazing mascara- the only mascara that wouldn’t smudge on me- but then they discontinued it…..!!! If you have recommendations, share them!! Please!!! 🙂


Note: Items with an * were sponsored but nonetheless still my honest opinion 🙂



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