Craft classes I’m genuinely interested in- and not being asked to write about because I’m sponsored by craft companies etc! (Well unless labelled otherwise- bloggers need to make a living too, but we promise to be upfront and honest about it 🙂 ) To find other cool makers workshops in London, check out Obby


Ray Stitch: Recreate your favourite garment (!!!)


Bargain!! Only thing is my sewing skills can’t quite be considered intermediate..


Espadrille making by Makery, Bath

Get ready for summer with this class held at John Lewis London!




Pattern Cutting Introduction by Fashion & Textile Museum

Price £160

This class sells out super fast. I think this is the 3rd session I’ve looked into? The previous 2 sold out before I could book! The one I REALLY want to do is No Pattern Sewing but alas the only class for that is now sold out. Darn

Nonethless the FTM has loads of cool classes on their website so check them out!


Fan making, Fan museum in Greenwich

Isn’t that cool? Couldn’t make the one they had last year and still waiting for this year’s dates. Sadly it’s not held very often