How to make fake embroidered patches

Have you ever bought a pair of shoes that you don’t wear? My childhood trauma of never being able to buy shoes back home- I had huge feet that they didn’t stock sizes for (and had to shop overseas)- is making me overcompensate by¬†being a total shoe fiend now. I have an entire cupboard of… Read more »

Top Tuesday: 10 best statement jewelry

To post or not to post. That is the question. I once read that Pete Cashmore posted up to 6 times a day when he first started Mashable. So obviously I had to 1 up him and post SEVEN times when I rebooted Hapiness, Wherever. Of course, that didn’t last ūüėõ It dwindled, but posting… Read more »

Round-up: Best jewellery dish DIYs

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Begging notice: I only have 2 followers at the moment, so any new ones would be loved to death! Recently, I re-discovered my cheese obsession. Not the best choice when trying to lose weight. However, I did read that eating cheese and butter actually HELPS weight loss because they’re so… Read more »

Top Tuesday: Best Spray Paint DIYs

I think spray paint is an amazing addition to the cupboard of any DIY-er/ crafter. It really gives a piece more oomph and makes it look more upmarket. And it’s so versatile! Unfortunately, it doesn’t make sense to get it if you only have 1 project to make so I thought a list of 3… Read more »

  • 3 ingredient, 3 minute spicy, creamy pasta

    I recently had an epiphany. Even though I don’t think of myself as a foodie- unlike fellow Singaporeans, I would never queue up for more than 15 minutes for food, for example- and don’t particularly think of myself as an avid¬†baker or¬†cook, I spend hours every day looking at food recipes!! So I guess, maybe… Read more »

  • Meet Ruth, Blogger of the Year at the Herald Fashion Awards

    You know how bloggers always say the best thing about being a blogger is the community? To be honest, I was always a little sceptical when I read comments like that – it sounded just like the PC ¬†and “right” thing to say. I mean I’d met nice people blogging, but nothing out of the… Read more »

  • Turning washers into a statement necklace DIY

    What do you like about crafting? For me, I love the challenge of turning something into something totally different. (Which is why I love my collaborative projects with other bloggers in which we pick a common theme, such as rainbow jewelry, and then independently create a DIY for it. It’s soooo fascinating to see how… Read more »

  • How to make a gemstone ring without tools

    How long do you keep your craft supplies? I’ve had this thin wire since I was 8 years old! Much as I love having a wide variety of stuff to work with, seeing it around for over 20 years is getting on my nerves so I’ve come up with a number of DIYs to use… Read more »

  • Meet Stacie Madden, who started independent community sewing festival in Brighton

    Working as a freelancer can be pretty isolating- you don’t have colleagues to hang out with, after work drinks… but the best part of being a crafter is the amazing and supportive creative community. About a year ago, I rolled up to my first Brighton Etsy event- the Brighton Etsy Craft Party (which was the… Read more »

  • How to turn ribbon into statement earrings

    Ribbons are so versatile! You can upcycle them from shopping bags into designer pieces- here I show you how to recreate Lanvin earrings– a festival arm cuff, and even no sew clutches! After all those DIYs, I still had some leftover, so I thought, why not make earrings?!   What you need 2 printed ribbons… Read more »

  • Summer cherries D&G inspired necklace DIY

    What you need Gold chain Brass wire Long green beads – either 3, 5 or 7 Round red beads- either 6, 10 or 14 (basically double of the number of green beads) Pliers Note: I’m making the necklace long enough to go around my head so skipping the clasp, but if you like yours bib-like,… Read more »

  • Made at Canary Wharf Review

    One of the purposes of my blog is not just to share craft and DIY tutorials to (hopefully) inspire people to make their own creations, but also to review craft fairs & events so that people who like handmade know which are the ones worth going to and people who sell handmade have more information… Read more »

  • NuSkin Epoch Glacial Marine Mask Review (¬£25.28)

    I’m going to admit right off that I was initially a bit hesitant to use this mask. I had previously recommended NuSkin to one of my best friends, Tammy, who is in her 40s but still looks like she is in her 20s (when we go out, there are always guys in their 20s hitting… Read more »

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